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When the chillier days start to hit in Ventura County or Los Angeles County and surrounding areas, you don’t want to be left out in the cold. That is why Southland Heating and Air Conditioning is here for all of your home heating needs this winter. For most Southern California homeowners, the winters are pretty moderate. However, even a moderate winter day could leave you feeling chilled to the bone if your furnace breaks down!

Fire Up The Furnace & Winterize Your Home

Ensuring your home is winterized is always important, even in beautiful, sunny SoCal! What are some ways you can ensure your home is ready for the winter weather this year? Our heating experts have you covered!

Make sure you check off this Home Winterizing List:

    • Replace that furnace filter Time for a furnace tune-up? Make sure you have your filter updated to ensure your home heating is at its finest this year.


    • Make sure the furnace area is clearFrom debris and storage to hidden Christmas gifts, clutter can easily be placed to close too your furnace or become a flammable hazard. Always clean up the area before you fire up that furnace!


    • Check out your thermostatWhile you may have had no problems all summer long when running your system on cool, it is important to test out your thermostat to ensure it’s working properly when in heating mode.


    • Inspect your weather strippingEven with your furnace and thermostat working just right, if your home isn’t properly insulated for the cold, you could be left feeling a chilly draft. Check out your weather stripping to make sure it will do the job!


    • Keep those trees trimmedNot just that Christmas tree, but the ones around your property as well! Weak tree limbs could become a hazard in the winter, especially if they fall on power lines or crash through windows in a storm.


    • Ensure your carbon monoxide detectors workWhether using your furnace, lighting holiday candles, or using any other heat source, it is important to double check your carbon monoxide detectors. If your furnace has a crack in the heat exchanger, it could create a leak and put your home in danger if your detector isn’t working right.


    No matter where you live, it is always important to take some steps to winterize your home! Make sure you keep your friends and family comfortable in your home this year by getting that furnace tuned up and ensuring your home is ready for any winter weather. Southland Heating and Air Conditioning is ready to tackle any heating service you may need for your home, from inspections to tune-ups to heating system replacements. Give us a call today for top-quality HVAC services in the Ventura County area and beyond!

Time for a Heating Tune-Up | Ventura County Heating Service

It’s Time for a Heating Tune-Up!

Is your Ventura or Los Angeles County home heating ready for the cooler weather? If you want to stay comfortable all winter long, make sure you schedule a heating tune-up before the temperatures drop! Thankfully we don’t have to worry about intense snow storms or serious blizzards in SoCal, but homes can still get plenty chilly around here–especially at night!

If you want to make sure your home stays warm and cozy for all your guests during the holidays, it is important to have a heating tune-up scheduled every year. No one wants to wait last minute and be caught in the cold!

Do I Really Need Regular Heating Tune-Ups?

Even though you may not depend on your heating system as much as your AC unit, it needs some love still. Whether or not you are using it once a year or every day, your heater or furnace should get at least a yearly tune-up to ensure it is in tip-top condition for when you need it most.

Just a few things that are taken care of during a heating tune-up include:

  • Thermostat inspected and properly programmed
  • Air volume dampers adjusted (for furnaces)
  • Any combustible materials or fire hazards identified
  • Air filters cleaned or replaced
  • Gas burners cleaned and adjusted (for furnaces)
  • Electrical operation tested
  • Connections and all wirings inspected
  • Refrigerant levels and reversing valves tested (for heat pumps)
  • Lubrication of parts

There is so much more that goes into heating tune-ups on top of these key elements, which is why it is so important to have an expert perform this type of work at least once a year on your heating system.

Remember, even if you haven’t noticed any problems with your heater, heat pump, or furnace, you should still schedule routine maintenance. The whole purpose is to catch problems before they surface, not fixing them after they crop up! By scheduling regular tune-ups, you can not only save yourself money on repairs and costlier replacements, but also make your system more efficient in the long run. Either way, you’ll ensure you are staying green this holiday season when you winterize your home and maintain your HVAC system.

Schedule Heating Maintenance Today

Our team here at Southland Heating and Air Conditioning has you covered. Whether you need emergency heating services or just need to schedule a tune-up for your heating system, our experts are available to get to work today. Start by requesting a free estimate for a heating tune-up!  

Maintenance Checklist for Central Heating Systems | HVAC Company

Maintenance Checklist for Central Heating Systems

Have a central heating system? Southland Heating and Air Conditioning has you covered with the latest checklist for maintaining that system this holiday season! Just like you make sure your vehicle is prepared for any holiday travels, you need to make sure your HVAC system is ready to hold up for all your family and friends coming in town to visit. Use our checklist to make sure everyone stays cozy and comfortable this winter!

Keeping Your Thermostat Accurate

  • Turn up the thermostat to test heat before it gets cold
  • Ensure the furnace or other heating unit responds properly
  • If the unit turns off after a few minutes, it may be short cycling
    • Check if it needs to be recalibrated or replaced
    • Inspect your furnace or heating unit after that for issues
  • Call a professional if thermostat doesn’t cause the system to come on

Inspecting Your Forced-Air System

  • Check that all airways are clean and clear for optimal efficiency and air quality
  • Inspect filters once a month and replace around 3 months or so depending on the filter type
    • If you have pets or any resident has asthma, check more regularly
  • Schedule ductwork inspection yearly to look for open joints, mold, rust, or other issues
  • Make sure ductwork and registers are properly cleaned
  • Keep dust and soot from building up around furnace combustion chamber
  • Clean out the blower and belt section

Maintaining Your Hydronic Heating System

  • Prior to winter weather settling in, inspect for any standing water
  • Make sure to check the water temperature and pressure of the system
  • Lubricate all necessary parts, such as the circulating pump
  • Clear out any soot or debris from boiler’s combustion chamber
  • Make sure air is purged from radiators
  • Drain out and flush the system at least every few years

With these simple checklists, you can make sure you have an idea of how to keep your home central heating system performing effectively all year long.

Need to Call in the Professionals?

Making sure your HVAC system is working right can be a little stressful. The good news? Keeping your central heating system running efficiently and smoothly year-round doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, our team at Southland Heating and Air Conditioning is here to take the burden off your plate completely! We provide top-notch heating services for customers throughout the area and are ready to provide the same to you.

Benefits of Routine Heater Maintenance | Heating Service

3 Major Benefits of Routine Heater Maintenance

As the winter season approaches, many homeowners are hoping to scratch off HVAC tune-ups from their checklist. While we enjoy fairly beautiful weather here in SoCal year-round, it is still important to get your heater inspected regularly to ensure peak performance and efficiency, among other benefits. More than that, ensuring that you select the right technician for the job is a big part of the process. That is why Southland Heating and Air Conditioning is your trusted team for heating repairs, replacement, and maintenance. When you want a premier HVAC specialist on the job, you know who to call!

So why should you be scheduling routine maintenance?

Put Money Back in Your Pockets

Though you have to pay the upfront costs of regular heater maintenance, this is truly an investment in the life-long performance of your HVAC system. Though you may not see this regular expense as necessary when your heater is performing just fine, it is important to remember that the entire point of maintenance and tune-up services are to prevent any major expenses from costly repairs to preventative replacements. Making sure you stay on top of maintenance means more money back in your bank account in the long run.

Enjoy Optimal Comfort Year-Round

Just like you need to make sure to change your car’s oil on a regular basis–whether or not you are going on a long road trip or just driving around town–your heating and cooling system should be treated the same way. You can’t expect to get efficient comfort in your home if you haven’t scheduled the tune-ups and service your heating system needs. Whether you are extremely picky when it comes to the temperature in your home or just want to have a thermostat and heating system that will keep you comfortable while remaining efficient, regular maintenance is key to getting these results.

Keep Your System Running Smoothly…for Years!

Though your heater may not break down in the middle of a chilly night or leave you bundling up with blankets in a blizzard, you could be putting wear and tear on it by not ensuring it is running at optimal efficiency levels. The more you demand out of it without having it inspected and maintained by a technician, the more wear it will have on it over time.

If you want your heater to perform and provide maximum comfort for years to come, maintenance is a crucial part of the picture. The more you take care of your heater, the longer it will maintain the highest comfort levels possible for your home. For example, the average furnace has a lifespan of about 16-20 years, while it could technically operate for 20-30+ years if taken care of properly. The expense of completely replacing or repairing your heating system will be much higher than simply having routine maintenance scheduled.

Want to benefit from routine heater maintenance? Schedule service with Southland Heating and Air Conditioning today!

Is The Air in Your Home Making You Sick?

Most homeowners don’t give indoor air quality a second thought; however, maybe they should. While identifying indoor air quality problems doesn’t have to be complicated, some people don’t realize anything is amiss until they start to feel sick on a regular basis.

In fact, indoor air quality plays a major part in many people’s’ health, as they spend a majority of their time indoors rather than outside. This means that the quality of air people breath can impact their respiratory health. From mold to pet dander to pollen to harmful chemicals and dust, there are countless issues that can result in dangerous indoor air pollution. The good news? You may be able to address some of the issues that threaten your indoor air quality and overall health.


Simple Ways to Boost Indoor Air Quality:

  • Upgrade or repair HVAC units when needed. A poor performing furnace, AC unit, or other equipment could do more than just cause discomfort — it could also result in reduced indoor air quality. Don’t wait to get your HVAC system back in tip top shape!


  •  Improve your home insulation with options such as spray foam or cellulose to prevent moisture buildup and mold growth. Better insulation can also keep out dirt, dust, and other pollutants.


  • – Consider a mini-split heat pump to prevent spreading of pollutants through a central air and ductwork system. These systems can also help reduce moisture issues and prevent mold growth.


  • – Get air sealing to seal any cracks, holes, or other small areas that may allow quality air to escape from your house. This doesn’t only help indoor air quality, but also can make your home more energy efficient.


  • Schedule duct cleaning and sealing to make sure that dust, allergens, and other harmful particles are not so easily circulated around by your duct system.


  • Install a whole house fan to prevent stale indoor air from settling in your house – instead, the fan will send it out of the house through the attic vents, keeping your home energy efficient and boosting air quality.


Ready to Breathe Clean Air Again?

If you are concerned about the quality of air in your home, now is the time to make an adjustment. Southland Heating and Air Conditioning understands the importance of protecting the air you breathe in your own home. That is why we offer indoor air quality solutions tailored to your specific needs and home comfort goals. Let’s start talking about improving your indoor air quality today!

RUUD Equipment FAQ

At Southland Heating and Air Conditioning, we believe in carrying top quality products. Whether you want to keep your home perfectly cooled in the summer or toasty in the winter, we have you covered. Many of our customers can’t get enough of the RUUD products we carry. RUUD has been a leader in heaters and air conditioners since the 1950s, standing out as a reliable source of home comfort.

Have questions about your RUUD heating or cooling equipment? We have the answers! Check out our FAQ section below or feel free to contact us at any time for more help

Can I call you to service my RUUD equipment?

Whether you have concerns about the performance and energy efficiency of your product, think it’s time for some basic maintenance, or need some urgent repairs, our team at Southland Heating and Air Conditioning is ready to get the job done. We are your trusted local dealer for all your RUUD upgrades, repairs, replacements, and more.

My RUUD product has a rating number on it. Can you explain it?

We would be happy to! Essentially, the U.S. government now requires all air conditioners and heaters to provide an energy efficiency rating. This helps consumers stay aware of how their product should be performing! The rating is a reflection of the amount of energy that is used efficiently. The higher the rating, the more efficient it is.

What is the difference between SEER and HSPF?

SEER and HSPF both stand for different efficiency ratings for various HVAC and related equipment. For example. AC units are given the SEER rating, which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. You can determine whether or not a unit is efficient by how high the number is. The greater the number, the better efficiency you will get. HSPF is used for heating equipment or unit performance in heating mode. It stands for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. Likewise, the higher the rating, the better. Gas furnaces, however, use the AFUE rating, standing for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency.

How can I maintain my outdoor unit during colder months?

Some people assume they need to cover their heat pump during the winter to prevent any damage, however, RUUD heat pumps are operational all year long and never need any covering. The same goes for AC units, as RUUD builds products that are designed to stand up to the outdoor elements.

What size RUUD unit does my house require?

This depends on your home comfort goals and overall property layout. When you call on our experts, we can carefully review your home and help you determine what size and style would be best. We take into account a range of factors such as climate, number of windows, quality of insulation, and much more.

Should I get a split system or a package unit?

This ultimately depends on your household needs. A split system can be used to provide total home comfort, using both indoor and outdoor components to function. In comparison, a package unit doesn’t need any additional air handlers, heating units, or additional coils.

Technical HVAC Tips & Tricks

Southland Heating and Air Conditioning has a team of highly qualified technicians that handle a range of HVAC services for customers throughout Newbury Park and beyond. We have compiled a few key tips and tricks for technicians to keep in mind when on the job so that they can provide optimal results for the clients they are servicing.

  • When working on a heating or cooling system, make sure you allow it to reach SSO (also known as Steady State Operation) prior to assessing temperature or amperage results. This will lead to a more accurate reading!
  • Don’t wait around for the AC or heating unit to get to SSO – instead, use that time effectively by tackling any necessary paperwork or customer worksheets that may need to get down. This helps you capitalize on the waiting period and ensures you give the system time to reach SSO.
  • Make sure to adjust the thermostat about 20 to 30 degrees different than the current indoor temperature to allow the system to run smoothly without shutting off. This will allow you to get the readings you need without having to reset anything.
  • Rainy weather? Damp condenser? Low outdoor ambient temperatures (below 68 degrees)? Don’t get stuck trying to use the program, as the subcooling method simply won’t properly charge the system in these conditions.
  • If you are taking outdoor ambient temperatures, make sure to avoid direct silent or other strong heat sources that may skew the actual temperature reading.
  • Not sure your temperature readings are completely accurate? Just double check them rather than putting on a set of refrigerant gauges!
  • Working on a home that is above sea level? Any altitude or elevation differences may impact heating and cooling capacity losses due to air density and adjustment of cooling fan speed. Consider using a chart to help you quickly and easily make those adjustments.
  • Don’t be afraid to start small or slow. Run some reports in the office with someone to double check your work before every running a report in the field. Get comfortable with the process before stepping in front of a client! Also, practice explaining the report in more common lingo so a client isn’t scratching their head after you’ve given them very complicated information.
  • Readings simply not adding up? Start by taking the readings again, then checking your meters, then verifying that you used the correct methods to take those readings if you still aren’t happy with the accuracy of the results.
  • When providing results to clients, allow them time to review the sheet or information before diving into an explanation. Go over the report’s finding then allow for them to digest the information and leave room for any questions they may have. Be prepared with your recommendations for any problems!

For more relevant HVAC information follow our blog. For homeowners with HVAC systems that need servicing by qualified technicians, be sure to reach out to Southland Heating and Air Conditioning today!

Why Hiring a Professional for Duct Cleaning Is Important

Did you know that your ducts are an important part of your heating, ventilation, and cooling system? In fact, when your ducts are cleaned regularly, it can provide cleaner, better air quality and improved efficiency for your HVAC system. Sound like a win-win? That’s because it is.


Unfortunately, not all homeowners invest in having their ducts cleaned by professionals. Some don’t even believe they need to clean their air ducts! This can lead to efficiency issues and poor indoor air quality.


Here are the top reasons to leave your ducts to the experts:


  • Regular cleaning can help prevent indoor air contamination. Harmful contaminants like mold, dust, pet dander, and smoke can all damage the quality of air you and your family are breathing on a daily basis. This can be especially important for individuals with allergies or asthma in Southern California.
  • You typically only need your ducts cleaned every two to five years, depending on the condition of your ducts and HVAC system. When you hire a professional, you can be confident the job is done right, especially if your ducts aren’t examined for several years afterward.
  • High-efficiency particle air equipment is used to protect your carpets, other vents, and any other areas throughout your house from being cross contaminated with any particles removed during the cleaning process. Experts also ensure that your HVAC system isn’t damaged during the cleaning.


If your home efficiency and indoor air quality are important to you, look into scheduling air duct cleaning. Instead of deciding for yourself, let a qualified, certified professional determine if your ducts need cleaning.


Want more information about air duct cleaning and what you should know before scheduling a service? Check out this helpful duct cleaning FAQ for more insight.

Tips for Keeping Your Ducts in Great Shape

So you don’t need to schedule duct cleaning every month, but still wonder how to keep your indoor air quality in great shape? The key is to ensure you are regularly changing out your air filters. The ideal timeframe is about every three months – depending on the type of filter you have – or whenever it is dirty. If you have pets, you may need to change it more frequently.


Signs of a dirty air filter:

  • Slower air flow
  • Spike in energy bills
  • HVAC system failure
  • Build up of dust, pet hair, etc. around and in air ducts
  • Mold / mildew
  • Pest infestation

The more attention you pay to your home’s air ducts, the better the air quality you’ll get from your system. Even something as simple as changing out your air filter on a regular basis can go a long way in improving your home’s air quality and HVAC system’s performance. This can also help your ducts go longer times between cleanings. Make sure you talk with a trusted expert before scheduling any air duct cleaning or attempting to do the job yourself!

What Sets Our Team Apart?

When it comes down to it, you want the ducts in your home circulating clean, healthy air. That’s why you want the right professionals on the job. Our Newbury Park HVAC contractors know how to get the job done. You can trust all your HVAC services to our team, including duct cleaning. Backed more than five decades of collective heating, cooling, and ventilation experience, our home comfort experts are committed to providing reliable duct cleaning services in Newbury Park and beyond.


Ready to breathe cleaner air and enjoy energy savings at the same time? Start by requesting your free estimate for duct cleaning on our website!


HVAC: Home Tips

When it comes to comfort in your home, the performance of your heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) system is crucial. That performance often depends on the level of maintenance and care you provide your system!


There are many types of HVAC systems out there, from multi-stage to zoned systems to different heating and cooling systems. Ideally, the type of system installed in your home should be tailored to your specific needs and comfort goals. This can make it simpler and easier for you to maintain optimal comfort in your home with minimal HVAC maintenance and repairs over the years.


Keeping Your System Running Smoothly

There are many simple ways you can easily maintain your HVAC system on a regular basis to ensure it is running at optimal efficiency. At Southland Heating and Air Conditioning, we have been working on HVAC systems big and small for decades. We know the ins and outs of regular HVAC maintenance.


We’ve provided some helpful home tips below to keep your system on track!

Don’t Forget the Filters

One of the most overlooked maintenance items by homeowners is forgetting to replace their air filters on a regular basis. Allowing a heavily clogged or dirty filter to stay in the home can not only decrease airflow, it can also hinder your HVAC system’s performance and reduce indoor air quality. By simply replacing your dirty air filter, you may be able to reduce your system’s energy usage by up to 15%! Aim to clean your system’s air filter every one to two months when using your system heavily, such as in the summer. Some filters may last up to three months, however, you should still check on a monthly basis to make sure your filter isn’t clogged or collecting too much dirt. When you have pets, you may need to stay on top of your filter more regularly!

Check Your Window Seals

Even if your HVAC system is perfectly healthy, if your window seals between the AC and window frame (for room ACs) is damaged, it could allow all that cool air to escape outside.

This means your system is going to have to work even harder to get that perfectly cool temperature you are looking for, causing more wear and tear and spiking up your energy bill.


Moisture can often damage the seal, so make sure to check this every few months, especially after heavy rains or humidity.


Keep Your System Neat & Tidy

Just like you need to go through spring cleaning in your household, your HVAC system needs seasonal “cleaning” or maintenance. In the meantime, you’ll need to do some regular cleaning to ensure there isn’t a major build up each year.


You should make sure the outdoor condenser or compressor unit stays clean, especially since it is exposed to the elements. Check for major dirt, debris, or foliage that may crowd it. Keep any trees or shrubs at least two feet away from the outdoor unit!


Like mentioned above, changing your air filter and keeping vents free of debris or blockage can also help boost performance. Doing small things to keep your system clean over time can help prevent major maintenance or repairs down the road.

Leave the Major Work to the Experts

When you really want to make sure your HVAC system is operating efficiently, getting a heating and cooling professional to perform a thorough service is key. Ideally, you’d have maintenance performed at least one time per year, but inspection and maintenance before summer and winter are highly recommended.


An HVAC typically does the following:


  • Makes sure there is the proper amount of refrigerant
  • Inspects for any leaks with professional equipment
  • Test for any duct leakage
  • Properly measure air flow from evaporator coil
  • Apply oil to motors for better performance
  • Review thermostat accuracy
  • Determine if belts need replacing
  • Various other elements


All of these steps should be handled by a trained HVAC professional. Leaving it to the pros also takes the pressure off you as the homeowner and prevents any future issues from festering that may not be noticed without a trained eye.

Staying On Top of HVAC Maintenance


While Newbury Park enjoys relatively moderate weather year-round, don’t forget to get your HVAC system regularly serviced so you are ready for any type of weather! More than that, regular maintenance ensures proper performance, better indoor air quality, and can actually save you money on energy bills over time.

We recommend you follow a basic HVAC checklist to make sure you don’t miss any potential issues during the check-up process. Of course, leaving the more serious maintenance to our HVAC professionals is always the best way to protect your investment. We are highly skilled and heating and cooling professionals backed by years of industry experience. When we come in for regular maintenance, we get your HVAC system running at peak performance, no matter the time of year!


Think it’s time for a system tune-up? Get Southland Heating and Air Conditioning on the job today! Reach out to set up service.

HVAC Maintenance Checklist

At Southland Heating and Air Conditioning, we are proud to use top quality products like Trane, Fujitsu, and RUUD. Just like you need to have your car regularly serviced and taken care of, you need to do the same for your home heating and cooling system. Making sure your system is getting regular preventive maintenance can go a long way in keeping your home cool in the sweltering summer months and nice and cozy during the chillier winter months.

Even more than that, following a proper HVAC maintenance checklist can mean better indoor air quality, optimal comfort control, and a more efficient system, saving you on your energy bill over time. The last thing you want is to see a spike in your energy bill during the hottest time of year, especially when it feels like your AC isn’t even keeping you cool. We’ve provided you with a checklist below to make sure you stay on top of all things maintenance for your indoor heating and cooling units.

Whether you are looking at your heating or cooling unit, keep the following in mind:

  • Always keep the blower assembly clean (this includes the blower wheel, motor, and blower housing)
  • Keep motors lubricated and fan belts updated
  • Check units for debris and dirt (clean as necessary)
  • Keep evaporator coil and drain lines clean
  • Check for any possible refrigerant or gas leaks
  • Clean and replace air filters on a regular schedule
  • Listen for any strange noises during operation
  • Take note of any strange odors and look for the source
  • Measure any major temperature rises / changes in airflow

There are numerous other steps you can take to stay on top of your heating and cooling unit maintenance. We provide more specific tips below based on the type of unit you are looking at!


Staying Cool: Enhancing Your AC Performance

  • Adjust your thermostat to the highest possible within your comfort
  • Check attics to ensure they are properly ventilated to avoid heat build up
    • Consider enlarging or adding vents if needed
  • Avoid using the AC unit during more moderate weather
  • Keep blinds, shades, or drapes closed during hotter times of day
  • Add an awning over windows that are directly facing the sun for most of the day
  • Don’t let the kitchen or bath exhaust fans run longer than needed during hot season
  • Keep all heat-producing electronic devices away from below the thermostat

Keep the Heat Going: Protecting Your Heating Unit

Just like with your AC unit, regular maintenance, care, and upkeep can set your heating unit up for optimal performance. We’ve provided some insights below to keep in mind!


  • If you have a unit that does heating and cooling, aim to schedule maintenance both in the spring and fall to avoid problems during the time you need it most
  • Keep the thermostat on an inside wall that is away from any windows and doors
  • Aim to keep your thermostat low as possible within your comfort
    • Having it set just 1 degree over 68°F can increase the amount of energy usage by 3%, boosting your spending as well
  • When expecting a large group of guests, lower the thermostat a degree or two to save on heat usage

Insulation Goes a Long Way

In addition to basic heating and cooling maintenance, it is important to keep your insulation in mind. Without proper insulation, even the greatest heating or cooling unit won’t be able to perform efficiently as possible. This could cost you money and comfort!


Some key tips on insulation:

  • Keep your home properly insulated
    • R-30 (10″) for ceilings, and R-11 (3-1/2”) for exterior walls
  • Check for any humid outside air entering into our household, as this can result in up to 30% more demand on your system
    • Add caulking, weather-stripping, and other options
  • Add weather-strips and caulk around any entrance doors and windows
  • Make sure to keep windows and doors closed to avoid air escape
  • More glass area (such as larger windows) can increase amount of heat in summer and heat lost in winter


While most of these tips are simple, they can go a long way in helping your home heating and AC system perform its best and avoid future complications. By following a regular maintenance schedule with your local HVAC professional, you can also avoid more system problems and keep your energy bills lower. When considering HVAC maintenance, try to schedule service before colder or warmer weather hits and you start using your unit more regularly. This will help you avoid any issues like being stuck with a broken AC in the peak of summer or a busted heating unit when a cold front hits.


When you need HVAC maintenance, be sure to schedule it with Southland Heating and Air Conditioning, your local Newbury Park experts!

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