Transitioning Your Home HVAC System to Spring

Transitioning Your Home HVAC System to Spring

The change of seasons is evident here in Southern California. The weather is sunnier and the brief rains have brought a jolt of life to the hills, with plenty of green to please the eye. That also means a change of season for your HVAC system. While California enjoys rather moderate winters, the chillier nights do call for more heating. Now that the nights and days are getting a little warmer, ensuring your heating and cooling system can smoothly make the transition is important. Whether you have an older AC unit or a brand new system, getting regular seasonal care can help ensure a long lifespan. Southland Heating and Air Conditioning is your local source for quality heating and cooling in Ventura County. Our team provides all the spring HVAC insights you need!

Spring time Inspection of your HVAC systemSpringtime HVAC Care


Here are some basic steps you can take to prepare your system for spring:


  • Check and replace your air filter – This is definitely important after your heating system has been used more recently due to the chillier winter days. Make sure you inspect your filter regularly and replace it as necessary (typically on a 3-month basis). You may even want to have a spare air filter stored away, making it easy to stay on track with your air filter replacement.
  • Give your ventilation system a look – Also referred to as your home’s ductwork, the ventilation system is a crucial component of indoor air quality and air flow. If not cleaned regularly or properly, it can circulate dust and pollutants throughout your home. Make sure dusting the ductwork is on your spring cleaning list! You can also check for holes, cracks, and other issues that may allow for loss of air.
  • Tidy up outside around your unit – As flowers, grass, and other plants get a boost of life, it becomes all the more important to make sure your outdoor HVAC unit isn’t obstructed in any way. From nature to your own gardening tools and other debris, there are many things to look out for. Make cleaning up your outdoor space around the unit and regularly checking for leaves and other debris a part of your spring cleaning as well.
  • Don’t forget to call on the professionals – Remember, right after spring is summer, which means you should take care of any tune-ups, maintenance, and replacements now while the weather is still relatively moderate. If you wait until the summer heat wave hits, you could be stuck without any AC or face more costly repairs for problems left unrepaired.


Let Southland Heating and Air Conditioning take care of your spring HVAC cleaning and tune-up today so you can have peace of mind and optimal comfort all summer long.


Basic HVAC Changes, Major Savings

Basic HVAC Changes, Major Savings

Saving money is great — especially when it comes to your monthly energy expenses. Who wouldn’t want to cut back on heating and cooling expenses in Southern California? Southland Heating and Cooling knows that every dollar counts, so we’ve taken to our blog to provide you with some steps you can take to put more green back in your pocket.

how to save money on hvac

  1. Locate Your Insulation Issues  

Feel like no matter how much cool air your blast through your home it never gets chilly enough? Think you may be losing air due to leaks, cracks, and poor insulation? Before you throw up your hands and invest in brand new insulation, duct sealing, and weather stripping, consider doing a little investigating yourself. You’ve like spotted a fear tiny cracks and holes that could be sealed up; however, it’s the ones you don’t see that are likely causing the most trouble. Check out your attic and basement to look for dirty insulation. This typically indicates there is some type of leak in the area. Find spots where you can seal up holes or other damage and replace just a small amount of insulation. Other areas to look out for are plumbing ducts, wires, and other pipes have entry / exit points to the outside.

  1. Seal Up Your Ducts Before Replacing Your System

Sometimes a home’s ductwork is the root of the problem. If your home is plagued by faulty or damaged ductwork, you could be wasting energy month to month. Poor ductwork can result in 20 or more percent conditioned air loss, whether warm or cool, in a home. Similar to insulation, most of the problems aren’t visible in a quick search. You may need to do a more in depth investigation, checking out your crawl space, your attic, your basement, and maybe even your garage space.

  1. Upgrade Your Temperature Controls

With modern advancements, most homeowners are able to control their heating and cooling preferences to a “T” throughout their home. A smart thermostat can work wonders when it comes to maximizing energy efficiency. By upgrading your thermostat, you can ensure you have optimal control over the temperature in your house, whether you want to it to be cooling down just as you return from work or stay at home throughout the day, the right thermostat will equip you to get the most out of your energy usage and cut back on unnecessary energy spending. In addition to your thermostat, making sure your HVAC system is up to date is also important. By scheduling regular maintenance, such as an AC tune-up, you can ensure your system is running at peak performance and not costing you extra money.


Want more insight on how to cut back on your HVAC usage or spending? Southland Heating and Air Conditioning is here to provide the answers! Reach out to our Ventura County HVAC technicians today.

Keeping Pesky Allergens at Bay in Your Home

Keeping Pesky Allergens at Bay in Your Home

While springtime in Southern California lends itself to beautiful blooms and sunnier days, it also means allergy season is revving up. It is estimated that around 30 percent of adults and as much as 40 perfect of children are plagued by seasonal allergies in the U.S. Are you tired of dealing with allergy problems — even inside of your own home? We know the struggle is real, which is why Southland Heating and Air Conditioning is providing some go-to insights for keeping your home allergen-free. You deserve to breathe freely in your own home, especially since most Americans spend around 90% of their time indoors!

When Your Ready to Say Goodbye to Those Allergies…

allergens and air purifiers

  1. Invest in Indoor Air Filtration. Improving air filtration can include installing UV lights, replacing damaged air ducts, and even adding an indoor air cleaning units throughout your home. You can’t underestimate the value of improving indoor air quality, as the percentage of indoor pollutants found in an average U.S. household can be anywhere from two to five times higher than the pollutants found outdoors.
  2. Step Up Your Cleaning Game. Keeping your home clean can help prevent a buildup of harmful pollutants and allergens, from dust mites and pet dander to cockroach droppings. Of course, most people would say their home is clean overall, but how you clean your home can have an impact on air quality. First, make sure you don’t have any debris around your outdoor or indoor HVAC units. When dusting, start by taking care of dust registers and your home’s return vents. Once those have been dusted, you can take care of other dusting around the house. If you forget to clean these areas, it will only circulate more dust throughout your home, canceling out your other work. Try using a damp rag to prevent dust particles from simply being spread from one area to another. This can also agitate breathing problems. When cleaning, also keep an eye out for any areas that may be developing mold, such as humid, moist areas.
  3. Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance. You may be surprised how far an AC or furnace tune-up can go. Sure, you want to schedule regular maintenance simply so your system keeps your home comfortable; however, a professional eye can catch other problems that may impact your indoor air quality as well. A technician can check for dust buildup, blockages, and other issues. By clearing up these problems, they can help you cut back on indoor allergens your system is circulating throughout your home, allowing you to breathe more freely again.


Your home should be a safe haven from difficulty breathing, sneezing, itchy, red eyes, and other springtime allergens. Let Southland Heating and Air Conditioning get your home ready for allergy season! Give us a call today to schedule indoor air quality services.

Sleep Easier with Better HVAC Control

Sleep Easier with Better HVAC Control

Having a solid night of sleep is probably more crucial to your health than you even realize. According to a poll taken by the National Sleep Foundation, only 46 percent of Americans who have poor sleep health feel like they are effective at completing daily tasks. In comparison, 90% those who maintain a healthy sleep schedule feel effective at getting tasks done each done. Since around only 10 percent of Americans prioritize sleep over everything else on their plates, many people are seeing the negative impact of a poor night of sleep.

AC control to sleep better

From humidifiers, noise machines, essential oils, medications, the perfect bed, and everything in between, there are plenty of ways you can improve your sleep patterns. At Southland Heating and Air Conditioning, we know that the comfort level of your home and bedroom plays a major role in how soundly you sleep. We’ve outlined some helpful steps you can take to ensure your HVAC system improves your sleep instead of hinders it.

Keep Your Room Comfortable

What is a practical way you can do this?Adjust your smart thermostat to the ideal temperature when you are sleeping. As a person falls asleep, their body temperature will automatically begin to drop. This is a natural process the body uses to encourage relaxation. A perfectly chilled bedroom only further enhancing that relaxation process.


Not only that, but temperature can have an impact on a person’s ability to remain asleep – if a room’s temperature fluctuates throughout the night, so may a person’s quality of sleep and rest. Generally speaking, the ideal temperature for a room at night is between 60 and 67 degrees. This means that in the summer, being able to specifically modify bedroom temperature is crucial. While you may not want to spend a big bill on keeping your whole home that temperature, having a smart thermostat you can use to program specific areas of the house at specific times of day or night (zoning) can go a long way in savings and sleep.

Improve Your Air Flow

If you want to simply add a little better airflow in your room, don’t jump straight to the duct repair and replacement. While there may be a time for that, adding a fan may do the trick on is own. If you don’t have a ceiling fan, you may need to invest in a fan you can set up in your room to help drop the temperature and keep you cool throughout the night. It can also help circulate the air, maintaining air freshness and improving your ability to breathe while you sleep.


You also can’t overlook the perk of having a little white noise to drown out other distracting sounds when you are trying to fall asleep. Having something to help drown out that dripping faucet, barking dog, or creaking window can be a huge help.

Whether you just need to make some minor changes to your sleep routine or want to invest in optimal home zoning and an innovative thermostat, Southland Heating and Cooling has your back. Learn more about our HVAC services in Ventura County today!

Air Filters & Air Purification Systems: Keeping Your Indoor Air Breathable

Air Filters and Air Purification Systems: Keeping Your Indoor Air Breathable

The importance of indoor air quality and proper air filters can’t be underestimated – especially in your own home. As most people spend around 90% of their lives indoors, ensuring this air is free of pollutants, dust, and other potentially harmful debris is critical to healthier living.



Some people may think that by simply changing their air filters on a regular basis they are staying ahead of the game. This isn’t the same as keeping the air in your home clean, however.

central air purifier


In this article:

We take a closer look at the differences between your basic air filter, which is used to essentially “catch” debris and impurities, and whole house air purification systems, which are used to eradicate these hazards from your home.


The Importance & Role of Air Filters

An air filter can help reduce any particulates that may go through your home’s HVAC system, capturing and preventing unwanted particles from being re-circulated throughout your household.


More than just filtering out pollen and dust, air filters offer defense against larger debris as well, such as insulation. If you fail to regularly change your air filter, it can hinder the efficiency and effectiveness of your HVAC system. That is why it is important to stay on top of regularly cleaning or replacing your air filter.


While they are very important to your heating and air conditioning system, air filters don’t actively eliminate these particulates and clean the air you breathe. If you want a system that goes the extra mile by eliminating smaller, finer airborne particulates, you will need an air purification system.


Why Consider Investing in an Air Purification System?

According to the EPA, some of the effects of poor indoor air quality include headaches, dizziness, difficulty breathing, irritation around the eyes and nose, respiratory viruses or diseases, and other symptoms. Our indoor air can be as much as 10 times more polluted than the air we breathe outside our homes.


When you want to eliminate impurities like smoke, mold, dust, pollen, pet dander, VOCs, dust mites, and more, you need an air cleaner. For example, some air cleaners work by using an electronic component to send a negative or positive charge to the particulates. With a wide range of air purifiers and cleaners to select from, it is important to understand what you are looking for and what you want to protect your home from.


Types of Air Purifiers

Whole House Air Purifiers:

When compared to portable room air purifiers, whole house air purifiers may seem like the perfect solution for those who want to purify the air in their entire home. Whole house air purifying systems have become an extremely popular option and can be installed into almost any HVAC system. Whole house air purification filters out bacteria, allergens, smoke, and dust about 100 times more effectively than a standard HVAC system.


HEPA Air Purifiers:

The best HEPA Air Purifiers are the ones that have been tested by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM). HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters) can filter our allergens that are one-millionth of a meter in size – that’s small!


Room Air Purifiers:

Room Air Purifiers are an economical and portable solution in comparison to whole house air purifier costs. The EPA highly recommends having at least one portable air purifier in your house, ideally in the room you utilize most. Check out the EPA guide to  air purifiers in your home.

best air purifier

Curious as to what is the best air purifier what option will work best for your home? Start by talking to an our comfort specialists at Southland Heating and Air Conditioning. They can help you assess your potential indoor air impurities and recommend an indoor air cleaner or purifier that works best for your budget and health needs.


Start the New Year Fresh Today

What better way to start the New Year than with better quality air in your home! We are proud to offer top-quality air purifiers and indoor air quality systems from trusted brands like Trane and RUUD, we are also an authorized dealer of the Space Certified Technology Approved Air Scrubber Plus


Interested in learning more? Feel free to reach out today to learn more about Indoor Air Quality and our air purification systems.


Can a Programmable Thermostat Really Save You Money?

Can a Programmable Thermostat Really Save You Money?

Is your home’s heating and air conditioning system run by your temperature whims or by a programmable thermostat? If it’s not the latter, it may be time to start thinking about switching to a thermostat that can save you money. Programmable thermostats come in a wide variety, with brands likes Nest, Honeywell and many others. These companies are creating innovative products that can be finely customized to each homeowner’s needs.


Based on a study from Nest, using a Nest thermostat can provide real energy savings for homeowners. The numbers range anywhere from 10-12% for heating usage and around 15% for cooling usage. If these percentages are compared to average energy costs, it means that homeowners are able to save around $130 to $145 every year on their heating and cooling budget.

Maximize Savings with Nest…

Looking for ways to save with a Nest thermostat?


We’ve provided some key tips to keep in mind below:

  •       Be sure to teach your Nest As a learning thermostat, you’ll need to show it the ropes for a few days. That means turning down the heat or AC when you go to sleep. Don’t worry – Nest will learn your routine after a short period of time and adjust to meet your predicted heating and cooling needs.
  •       Utilize the Away feature correctly – By setting your Nest to Away, it will know that you aren’t home and don’t need your system to spend unnecessary energy keeping your house cozy or cool. Whether you use Auto-Away or manually set it to Away, your Nest helps you get the most savings.


How Does a Programmable Thermostat Put Savings Back in Your Pocket?

The modern home is becoming more and more integrated. Features like a programmable thermostats are becoming commonplace. Nest stands out from your average programmable thermostat with two key programs: the exclusive Auto-Schedule and Auto-Away features. The Nest thermostat actually works to fine-tune your heating & cooling schedule for you as seasons change, ensuring you save as much as possible from spring to summer to fall to winter – year after year. With finely tuned heating & cooling schedules alone, Nest users can save 5-10% on their usage and spend. Although Nest may not be compatible with all units and homes, Southland Heating and Air Conditioning has many options to choose from. We will help you find just the right thermostat to fit your home, style, budget and system compatibility.

Other Tips to Reduce Electricity Costs –

  •       Keep your degree changes minimal – When increasing your heater’s temperature on chilly days, keep the temperature changes within 1 ºF increments. The lower you can keep it, the more you can save on your energy bill. However, if you do have to raise it, try to keep the temperature changes as small as possible to reach your desired comfort levels.
  •       Don’t overuse your fan – Frustrated by hot or cold spots throughout your home? Want to cut back on AC usage but want the air circulating still? You’ll probably think to use your fan in all these situations. While that can be a solution, a home fan can often use more energy than a home’s lighting requires. Additionally, many people leave their fan running all day, which means they are using around the same amount of energy that the AC would use up by running for a few hours. This will basically put you back at square one in terms of spending. With Nest, you can schedule the fan to switch on for just a few minutes or for specific increments throughout the day for optimal comfort and minimal spending.


Talk to Southland Heating and Air Conditioning today to get more information!

Heating and Cooling Tips for Surviving Winter in California | Newbury Park HVAC

Three Heating and Cooling Tips for Surviving Winter in California

While Southern California isn’t exactly known for its harsh, snowy winters, the weather here can still leave you less than cozy if your HVAC system isn’t up and running smoothly. That is why it is so important to make sure your home heating and cooling systems are performing optimally all year long, from the sweltering summer days to the nippy winter nights.


Now that Christmas has come and gone, it’s time to check off a new list – your winter Furnace and Air Conditioner checklist. We have kept it simple with the top three winter HVAC tips below.

1.    Set Up a Pre-Winter Cleaning / Tune-Up

Even if you didn’t get as early a jump on winterizing your home as you’d like, it’s not too late to  schedule your HVAC maintenance and cleaning! Before the winter months take too much of a toll on your system, be sure to set up maintenance and air filter replacement for your furnace or heating unit. This will keep your overall system running smoothly year-round, especially when you need it most during peak seasons.


Not only that, but seasonal maintenance can be a friend to your wallet. By taking care of your furnace ahead of time, you prevent more serious wear and tear, damages, and replacement costs. Consider calling a professional to check out your furnace and AC. In addition to general tune-ups, HVAC technicians can also clean your system, taking care of any debris such as grass, leaves, dust, and dirt that may have been blown around by the weather and Santa Ana winds.


Investing a little work ahead of time can help your heating system run much stronger and last even longer.

2.    Get Your Thermostat Programmed for Winter Weather

One of the best ways to protect your HVAC system during any season is to program your thermostat properly. Having your thermostat set accordingly can deliver you the optimal comfort you are looking for while minimizing wear and tear on your system. In fact, having a programmable thermostat can cut your energy usage by 5% to 15%. In the winter, you can have your thermostat programmed to automatically lower the heat while you are away at work, during the night, or other downtimes when you aren’t around. This will prevent your heating unit from overworking itself and ensure you don’t waste precious dollars on heating your house when no one is even home!

3.    Get Yourself an HVAC Membership Today

Just like having a gym membership is a big step towards a goal to get fit, becoming part of our VIP Membership Program is one big way to keep your system in great shape during the winter months (and summer too). By signing up for a membership, you can have regularly scheduled maintenance for both your heating unit and air conditioning unit; this means you can have peace of mind about your HVAC system year round. A VIP membership with Southland Heating and Air Conditioning includes two maintenance visits and furnace tune-ups. This means we will come clean the furnace blower compartment, replace or clean air filters, check wiring connections, test valves and controls, and inspect for any other problems, all covered by your membership cost.


In addition, should any problem occur with your HVAC system, you will get front of the line service and up to 20% off any service or repair as a VIP member.


With several more months of SoCal’s often rainy, moderately chilly winter ahead, make sure you act quickly to get your home’s HVAC system in tip-top shape. Call Southland Heating and Air Conditioning today if you’d like to schedule maintenance, a seasonal tune-up, or need a unit inspected. We are here to keep your home feeling cozy all winter long!

Winterizing Your Home

Get Your Home Ready For Winter

When the chillier days start to hit in Ventura County or Los Angeles County and surrounding areas, you don’t want to be left out in the cold. That is why Southland Heating and Air Conditioning is here for all of your home heating needs this winter. For most Southern California homeowners, the winters are pretty moderate. However, even a moderate winter day could leave you feeling chilled to the bone if your furnace breaks down!

Fire Up The Furnace & Winterize Your Home

Ensuring your home is winterized is always important, even in beautiful, sunny SoCal! What are some ways you can ensure your home is ready for the winter weather this year? Our heating experts have you covered!

Make sure you check off this Home Winterizing List:

    • Replace that furnace filter Time for a furnace tune-up? Make sure you have your filter updated to ensure your home heating is at its finest this year.


    • Make sure the furnace area is clearFrom debris and storage to hidden Christmas gifts, clutter can easily be placed to close too your furnace or become a flammable hazard. Always clean up the area before you fire up that furnace!


    • Check out your thermostatWhile you may have had no problems all summer long when running your system on cool, it is important to test out your thermostat to ensure it’s working properly when in heating mode.


    • Inspect your weather strippingEven with your furnace and thermostat working just right, if your home isn’t properly insulated for the cold, you could be left feeling a chilly draft. Check out your weather stripping to make sure it will do the job!


    • Keep those trees trimmedNot just that Christmas tree, but the ones around your property as well! Weak tree limbs could become a hazard in the winter, especially if they fall on power lines or crash through windows in a storm.


    • Ensure your carbon monoxide detectors workWhether using your furnace, lighting holiday candles, or using any other heat source, it is important to double check your carbon monoxide detectors. If your furnace has a crack in the heat exchanger, it could create a leak and put your home in danger if your detector isn’t working right.


    No matter where you live, it is always important to take some steps to winterize your home! Make sure you keep your friends and family comfortable in your home this year by getting that furnace tuned up and ensuring your home is ready for any winter weather. Southland Heating and Air Conditioning is ready to tackle any heating service you may need for your home, from inspections to tune-ups to heating system replacements. Give us a call today for top-quality HVAC services in the Ventura County area and beyond!

Time for a Heating Tune-Up | Ventura County Heating Service

It’s Time for a Heating Tune-Up!

Is your Ventura or Los Angeles County home heating ready for the cooler weather? If you want to stay comfortable all winter long, make sure you schedule a heating tune-up before the temperatures drop! Thankfully we don’t have to worry about intense snow storms or serious blizzards in SoCal, but homes can still get plenty chilly around here–especially at night!

If you want to make sure your home stays warm and cozy for all your guests during the holidays, it is important to have a heating tune-up scheduled every year. No one wants to wait last minute and be caught in the cold!

Do I Really Need Regular Heating Tune-Ups?

Even though you may not depend on your heating system as much as your AC unit, it needs some love still. Whether or not you are using it once a year or every day, your heater or furnace should get at least a yearly tune-up to ensure it is in tip-top condition for when you need it most.

Just a few things that are taken care of during a heating tune-up include:

  • Thermostat inspected and properly programmed
  • Air volume dampers adjusted (for furnaces)
  • Any combustible materials or fire hazards identified
  • Air filters cleaned or replaced
  • Gas burners cleaned and adjusted (for furnaces)
  • Electrical operation tested
  • Connections and all wirings inspected
  • Refrigerant levels and reversing valves tested (for heat pumps)
  • Lubrication of parts

There is so much more that goes into heating tune-ups on top of these key elements, which is why it is so important to have an expert perform this type of work at least once a year on your heating system.

Remember, even if you haven’t noticed any problems with your heater, heat pump, or furnace, you should still schedule routine maintenance. The whole purpose is to catch problems before they surface, not fixing them after they crop up! By scheduling regular tune-ups, you can not only save yourself money on repairs and costlier replacements, but also make your system more efficient in the long run. Either way, you’ll ensure you are staying green this holiday season when you winterize your home and maintain your HVAC system.

Schedule Heating Maintenance Today

Our team here at Southland Heating and Air Conditioning has you covered. Whether you need emergency heating services or just need to schedule a tune-up for your heating system, our experts are available to get to work today. Start by requesting a free estimate for a heating tune-up!  

Maintenance Checklist for Central Heating Systems | HVAC Company

Maintenance Checklist for Central Heating Systems

Have a central heating system? Southland Heating and Air Conditioning has you covered with the latest checklist for maintaining that system this holiday season! Just like you make sure your vehicle is prepared for any holiday travels, you need to make sure your HVAC system is ready to hold up for all your family and friends coming in town to visit. Preventative maintenance is a sure-fire way to keep your heating system maintenance cost low! Use our checklist to make sure everyone stays cozy and comfortable this winter!


heating system maintenance near meKeeping Your Thermostat Accurate

  • Turn up the thermostat to test heat before it gets cold


  • Ensure the furnace or other heating unit responds properly


  • If the unit turns off after a few minutes, it may be short cycling


    • Check if it needs to be recalibrated or replaced
    • Inspect your furnace or heating unit after that for issues


  • Call a professional if thermostat doesn’t cause the system to come on



Inspecting Your Forced-Air System

  • Check that all airways are clean and clear for optimal efficiency and air quality


  • Inspect filters once a month and replace around 3 months or so depending on the filter type
    • If you have pets or any resident has asthma, check more regularly


  • Schedule ductwork inspection yearly to look for open joints, mold, rust, or other issues


  • Make sure ductwork and registers are properly cleaned


  • Keep dust and soot from building up around furnace combustion chamber


  • Clean out the blower and belt section



Maintaining Your Hydronic Heating Systemhvac preventative maintenance checklist

  • Prior to winter weather settling in, inspect for any standing water


  • Make sure to check the water temperature and pressure of the system


  • Lubricate all necessary parts, such as the circulating pump


  • Clear out any soot or debris from boiler’s combustion chamber


  • Make sure air is purged from radiators


  • Drain out and flush the system at least every few years


With these simple checklists, you can make sure you have an idea of how to keep your home central heating system performing effectively all year long.


Need to Call in the Professionals?

A central heating maintenance DIY project may be a highly technical task for some. Making sure your HVAC system is working right can be a little stressful.


The good news?

Keeping your central heating system running efficiently and smoothly year-round doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, our team at Southland Heating and Air Conditioning is here to take the burden off your plate completely! We provide top-notch heating system maintenance services for customers throughout the area and are ready to provide the same to you.

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