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Protect your investment: Corrosion on AC unit is prevalent if you live close to the ocean:

If you’re looking for the best AC unit for the beach, you may actually be looking for an anti corrosion coating for your air conditioner instead. Engineered for harsh environments, TROPI-COAT® is offered as Luvata’s premium service featuring ‘Insitu ES2’ embedded with 316 Stainless Steel.

Protective HVAC coil coatings are applied to all coil surface areas, internal components, copper tubing, external cabinet and base side rails to offer 100% exposed capsulation. It is designed as a top coat over the existing factory finish. Top coat acts as a sacrificial barrier.

*Fan wheels and indoor airstream surfaces not included due to possible imbalance and contamination.

hvac coil corrosion protection
Luvata Protection Coating

Luvata Insitu® key take-aways
  • Luvata Insitu is a water-based (solvent free) and water reducible synthetic flexible polymer coating engineered specifically for HVAC/R heat transfer coils and components.
  • Luvata Insitu is applied at our facilities or on-site after the units have been installed.
  • When it comes to protecting HVAC/R equipment from corrosion; coating performance and quality make all the difference – especially in harsh coastal environments and under humid conditions.
  • All HVAC Corrosion protection coatings are performed by the same company that supplies factory-applied coatings to the equipment manufacturers.

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Luvata Protection Coating
Luvata Protection Coating
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