Have a central heating system? Southland Heating & Air Conditioning have you covered the latest checklist for maintaining that system this holiday season! Just like you make sure your vehicle is prepared for any holiday travels, you need to make sure your HVAC system is ready to hold up for all your family and friends coming in town to visit. Preventative maintenance is a sure-fire way to keep your heating system maintenance cost low! Use our checklist to make sure everyone stays cozy and comfortable this winter!

Keeping your thermostat accurate
  • Turn up the thermostat to test the heat before it gets cold
  • Ensure the furnace or other heating unit responds properly
  • If the unit turns off after a few minutes, it may be short cycling
  • – Check if it needs to be recalibrated or replace
  • – Inspect your furnace or heating unit after that for issues
  • Call a professional if the thermostat doesn’t cause the system to come on
  • – Consider upgrading to a more efficient model
Inspecting your forced-air system
  • Check that all airways are clean and clear for optimal efficiency and air quality
  • Inspect filters once a month and replace them around 3 months or so depending on the filter type
  • – If you have pets or any resident has asthma, check more regularly
  • Schedule ductwork inspection yearly to look for open joints, mold, rust, or other issues
  • Make sure ductwork and registers are properly cleaned
  • Keep dust and soot from building up around the furnace combustion chamber
  • Clean out the blower and belt section
Maintaining your hydronic heating system
  • Prior to winter weather settling in, inspect for any standing water
  • Make sure to check the water temperature and pressure of the system
  • Lubricate all necessary parts, such as the circulating pump
  • Clear out any soot or debris from the boiler’s combustion chamber
  • Make sure air is purged from radiators
  • Drain out and flush the system at least every few years

With these simple checklists, you can make sure you have an idea of how to keep your home central heating system performing effectively all year long.

Need to call in the professionals?

A central heating maintenance DIY project may be a highly technical task for some. Making sure your HVAC system is working right can be a little stressful.

Good News?

Keeping your central heating system running efficiently and smoothly year-round doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, our team at Southland Heating & Air Conditioning is here to take the burden off your plate completely! We provide top-notch heating system maintenance services for customers throughout the area and are ready to provide the same to you.

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