While Southern California isn’t exactly known for its harsh, snowy winters, the weather here can still leave you less than cozy if your HVAC system isn’t up and running smoothly. That is why it is so important to make sure your home heating and cooling systems are performing optimally all year long, from the sweltering summer days to the nippy winter nights.

Now that Christmas has come and gone, it’s time to check off a new list – your winter Furnace and Air Conditioner checklist. We have kept it simple with the top three winter HVAC tips below.

1. Set up a pre-winter cleaning/tune-up

Even if you didn’t get as early a jump on winterizing your home as you’d like, it’s not too late to schedule your HVAC maintenance and cleaning! Before the winter months take too much of a toll on your system, be sure to set up maintenance and air filter replacement for your furnace or heating unit. This will keep your overall system running smoothly year-round, especially when you need it most during peak seasons.

Not only that, but seasonal maintenance can be a friend to your wallet. By taking care of your furnace ahead of time, you prevent more serious wear and tear, damages, and replacement costs. Consider calling a professional to check out your furnace and AC. In addition to general tune-ups, HVAC technicians can also clean your system, taking care of any debris such as grass, leaves, dust, and dirt that may have been blown around by the weather and Santa Ana winds.

Investing a little work ahead of time can help your heating system run much stronger and last even longer.

2. Get your thermostat programmed for winter weather

One of the best ways to protect your HVAC system during any season is to program your thermostat properly. Having your thermostat set accordingly can deliver you the optimal comfort you are looking for while minimizing wear and tear on your system. In fact, having a programmable thermostat can cut your energy usage by 5% to 15%. In the winter, you can have your thermostat programmed to automatically lower the heat while you are away at work, during the night, or other down times when you aren’t around. This will prevent your heating unit from overworking itself and ensure you don’t waste precious dollars on heating your house when no one is even home!

3. Get yourself an HVAC membership today

Just like having a gym membership is a big step towards a goal to get fit, becoming part of our VIP Membership Program is one big way to keep your system in great shape during the winter months (and summer too). By signing up for a membership, you can have regularly scheduled maintenance for both your heating unit and air conditioning unit; this means you can have peace of mind about your HVAC system year-round. A VIP membership with Southland Heating & Air Conditioning includes two maintenance visits and furnace tune-ups. This means we will come to clean the furnace blower compartment, replace or clean air filters, check wiring connections, test valves and controls, and inspect for any other problems, all covered by your membership cost.

In addition, should any problem occur with your HVAC system, you will get front of the line service and up to 20% off any service or repair as a VIP member.

With several more months of SoCal’s often rainy, moderately chilly winter ahead, make sure you act quickly to get your home’s HVAC system in tip-top shape. Call Southland Heating & Air Conditioning today if you’d like to schedule maintenance, a seasonal tune-up, or need a unit inspected. We are here to keep your home feeling cozy all winter long!

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