There are plenty of expenses you have to calculate every month. Why be in the dark about how much your new HVAC installation or service will be? Southland Heating & Air Conditioning know how overwhelming it can be to face uncertain expenses throughout your year, which is why we make sure to always offer our customers a free installation estimate. We’ve mapped out a few reasons why we think it is essential for everyone to get a complimentary estimate before they agree to any heating or cooling service.

1. No one likes to overpay for installation

If you don’t request estimates from a few companies, you may not realize that you could be paying $6,000 for a brand new installation rather than $8,500. Whatever the cost, making sure you get estimates from your potential service providers can help you make a clear decision about your next project. While cost sometimes fluctuates based on service quality and the type of AC unit being installed, it is important to have a clear range of costs for your new installation. Some companies may not even be sure how much to bid for a job, making costs fluctuate even more. Getting a free estimate from us ensures you have a breakdown of the cost and a clear explanation of what you are paying or. While some HVAC companies revert to simply bidding high in hopes that you won’t “shop around,” we make sure to always keep our prices fair and accurate to the job needed.

2. Research sometimes just doesn’t cut it

While we all like to do our own research, sometimes a classic “Google” search just doesn’t provide the accurate information you need. Even if you think you’ve found a “fair price for new AC installation” through your online research and asking friends and family, prices and expenses can change quickly. Not only that, but every installation is a little different. The costs can fluctuate based on the type of unit, where it needs to be installed, and if any other updates need to be made, such as if you need new ductwork or some major repairs to ensure your new AC runs efficiently. Even more so, prices can range when it comes to brands, such as RUUD, Trane, and Fujitsu. When we provide an estimate, we do our best to get all these details from you so that you can get a better idea of pricing for your specific project.

3. Keep contractors honest

Let’s be honest, contractors aren’t always known for being the most reliable when it comes to pricing. Again, costs can always fluctuate when circumstances change, such as a difficult installation location that wasn’t initially disclosed. You may not realize all the details you need to provide to your contractor before they get started or may decide to go with a better brand and product, causing the price to rise a little bit. In general, though, you deserve to know what to expect at the end of the day. By getting an estimate from several contractors, you can make sure to keep them honest. Our experts always provide you with updated estimates as necessary. If we think costs will change for any reason, we want you to know. We believe in providing free estimates because we want you to know what to expect through every step of the project.

Don’t wait any longer to get informed on your heating and cooling service needs. Get started by requesting your free HVAC installation estimate from our team today!

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