Saving money is great — especially when it comes to your monthly energy expenses. Who wouldn’t want to cut back on heating and cooling expenses in Southern California? Southland Heating & Air Conditioning know that every dollar counts, so we’ve taken to our blog to provide you with some steps you can take to put more greenback in your pocket.

Locate your insulation issues

Feel like no matter how much cool air your blast through your home it never gets chilly enough? Think you may be losing air due to leaks, cracks, and poor insulation? Before you throw up your hands and invest in brand new insulation, duct sealing, and weather stripping, consider doing a little investigating yourself. You’ve like spotted a fear tiny cracks and holes that could be sealed up; however, it’s the ones you don’t see that are likely causing the most trouble. Check out your attic and basement to look for dirty insulation. This typically indicates there is some type of leak in the area. Find spots where you can seal up holes or other damage and replace just a small amount of insulation. Other areas to look out for are plumbing ducts, wires, and other pipes that have entry/exit points to the outside.

Seal up your ducts before replacing your system

Sometimes a home’s ductwork is the root of the problem. If your home is plagued by faulty or damaged ductwork, you could be wasting energy month to month. Poor ductwork can result in 20 or more percent conditioned air loss, whether warm or cool, in a home. Similar to insulation, most of the problems aren’t visible in a quick search. You may need to do a more in-depth investigation, checking out your crawl space, your attic, your basement, and maybe even your garage space.

Upgrade your temperature controls

With modern advancements, most homeowners are able to control their heating and cooling preferences to a “T” throughout their home. A smart thermostat can work wonders when it comes to maximizing energy efficiency. By upgrading your thermostat, you can ensure you have optimal control over the temperature in your house, whether you want it to be cooling down just as you return from work or stay at home throughout the day, the right thermostat will equip you to get the most out of your energy usage and cut back on unnecessary energy spending. In addition to your thermostat, making sure your HVAC system is up to date is also important. By scheduling regular maintenance, such as an AC tune-up, you can ensure your system is running at peak performance and not costing you extra money.

Want more insight on how to cut back on your HVAC usage or spending? Southland Heating & Air Conditioning are here to provide the answers! Reach out to our Ventura County HVAC technicians today.

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