Ductless Mini-Split Services

    Unlike a traditional central air conditioning system, ductless mini-split AC systems don’t require any existing ductwork to cool your home. Despite not using ductwork, these systems are very powerful and incredibly efficient at cooling your entire home.

    In fact, they offer numerous benefits that traditional systems simply cannot. Namely, by not requiring any ductwork, these systems reduce overall energy loss. What does this mean for you? It means you’ll need less energy to cool your home, which equates to lowered utility bills each month and a lower environmental impact.

    If you’re interested in upgrading your home with a ductless mini-split AC, contact Southland Heating & Air Conditioning. We offer and install several top-of-the-line options from industry-leading brands like Daikin, Fujitsu, Lennox, and Mitsubishi. We can help you with everything from new system installation to repairs to routine maintenance.

    What are the benefits of a Ductless Mini-Split AC System?

    As previously mentioned, ductless mini-split ACs can save you money thanks to better energy efficiency.

    They also offer a number of other benefits, including:
    • Relatively fast and simple installation
    • Zoning and room-by-room temperature control
    • Remote control capabilities
    • Quieter operation than bulky window units
    • High SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings
    • Complete customizability
    • Optional air filtration/indoor air quality control

    Ductless mini-split AC systems also offer the benefit of affordability. While any new air conditioner is an investment, with a ductless mini-split AC, you’ll have lower installation and operation costs and will start seeing savings on your monthly bills in no time.

    How do they work?

    Like most air conditioning systems, ductless mini-split ACs comprise two parts: an outdoor unit and one or several indoor units. The outdoor unit is installed in an inconspicuous place outside of your home. Several cables and a refrigerant line connect the outdoor unit to the indoor unit. Our installers will make a small hole (about 3-inches in diameter) in the wall to allow the cables and refrigerant line through. The indoor unit is easily mounted inside your home. With sleek, modern designs, these ACs are not the old eyesores of days past. Unlike window AC units, they won’t block your view, either.

    Best of all, certain models offer exceptionally quiet operation—at decibels lower than a human whisper! Once installed, the indoor unit is connected to the outdoor unit. In most cases, a single indoor unit is enough to cool your entire home, though some outdoor units are capable of powering up to eight indoor units for maximum comfort.

    One of the most convenient features of ductless mini-split AC systems is the remote control. A wireless remote allows you to easily set your preferred temperature, fan speed, and airflow. You can even set timers to maximize cooling efficiency and program your favorite mode so you never have to worry about keeping cool.

    We also offer Mini Split AC services in:

    What is Zoning?

    Home zoning is the process of cooling different areas of your home to different temperatures. This is not possible with a traditional central air conditioning system, as these systems push cooled air equally throughout all of the ducts and into each room. With a ductless mini-split AC, however, you can keep rooms you use more often cooler and save money by not cooling rooms you barely use. This level of customization is great for families or roommates that tend to have different AC preferences.

    How do I maintain?

    Ductless Gold Member Maintenance Program

    Level #1 Maintenance Includes:

    Indoor Unit

    • Check that the system is operational before cleaning
    • Shut down the power
    • Remove and clean the filters
    • Check and clean any pumps that may be inside
    • Rinse the coil with water or coil cleaner (WE DO NOT REMOVE COVER)
    • Wipe down the outer surface w/ rag or cleaner
    • We do not disassemble any part of the unit, only accessible areas of the indoor unit is serviced
    Outdoor Unit

    • Clean the condenser by removing leaves and debris
    • Rinse outside condenser
    • Check amps of indoor unit
    • Check amps of outdoor unit
    • Hook up gauges only if the unit is not cooling properly

    Start all indoor units
    Check return and supply temps of all indoor units
    Check Condensate line for proper drainage

    Level #2 Maintenance Includes:

    Level #2 includes all of Level #1 items plus:

    Indoor Unit

    • Install a mini-split bib kit
    • (this bib is attached to the indoor unit and allows the coils to be cleaned hygienically)
    • If blower wheel is dirty, we will attempt to remove it, if it has a removable bracket, otherwise we clean it with compressed air. We do not remove, snap together parts, as they are very fragile and can break
    • Clean the mini-split head with a non-toxic chemical cleaner
    • Reconnect the outer cover
    Outdoor Unit

    • Clean the condenser by removing leaves and debris
    • Rinse outside condenser
    • Check amps of indoor unit
    • Check amps of outdoor unit
    • Hook up gauges only if the unit is not cooling properly

    Start all indoor units
    Check return and supply temps of all indoor units
    Check Condensate line for proper drainage

    Ductless Systems require maintenance just like any other heating and cooling system. Based on usage, this should be done 1-2 times a year.Ductless heat pumps have many parts, and without proper maintenance, they can malfunction, causing water leaks or shutdowns.

    We offer 2 different levels of Maintenance. A LEVEL 1 for basic annual maintenance or a more comprehensive LEVEL 2. A LEVEL 2 maintenance is ONLY recommended for systems that have never or not been serviced in a few years.

    System Type
    Level 1 Cleaning *per system
    Level 2 Cleaning *per system
    Single Zone
    Two Zones
    Three Zones
    Four Zones
    Five Zones
    Ducted Ductless
    Add $25 Per Unit
    Add $50 Per Unit
    Ceiling Cassettes
    Add $25 Per Unit
    Add $50 Per Unit

    We Service Most Major Brands of Ductless Systems

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    Here at Southland Heating & Air Conditioning, we handle a full range of AC services, including ductless mini-split AC installation and repair. Plus, with our 16-step AC maintenance service, we’ll make sure your existing system is in top shape. Whether you have a new home or you want to upgrade your home with a new cooling system, you can benefit from a top-of-the-line ductless mini-split AC from Southland Heating & Air Conditioning!

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