Keep the heat away by installing a mini split AC in Simi Valley, CA. Unlike central AC systems, ductless air conditioning is easy to install, maintain and repair. That’s because they don’t require any custom ductwork. This makes the unit more efficient, as around 20% of energy is often lost when the cooled air travels through the ductwork, and a more affordable option. Upon choosing the style, type and model, Southland Heating & Air Conditioning will get to work and be done within a relatively short period of time.

Mini split air conditioning has two components. There is an outdoor compressor and an indoor unit. The indoor unit is only capable of cooling down certain zones, and homeowners often need to install multiple indoor units to cool down various areas in the home. You’ll need to create the zones in your home based on your preferences and needs. Due to the nature of the mini split AC, you might not be able to cool down the entire home depending on where the indoor units are placed.

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